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Midland Park High School Marching Band is comprised of students in grades 7-12. The band rehearses exclusively after school.

Notes from the Directors
Updated 10/24/22

All the hardwork the band has done since August was on full display yesterday at Kingston. A great return to NYSFBC competition. Thanks again to the parents who helped on the field and supported us from the stands! A big crowd is always helpful to push the band along to a great show.

The week ahead is anything but normal. Please make sure that all band issued clothing is clean for the weekend and that you have multiple pairs of clean show socks. Parents should have been given Syracuse packets by your students last week. It has all the details.

Some last minute notes:
1) The trip nurse will be in the senior lounge on Thursday night from 6:30 to 7:00 pm to go through all the medication. Be sure medication is dropped off prior to that and she will be available during that time to talk to parents. Please do not try or plan to speak with the nurse on Friday. That would be for emergency situations only.

2) Luggage should be in the band room before homeroom on Friday morning.

3) Dome tickets must be purchased in advance. The price goes up 2 days before. Please refer to the packet or the NYSFBC website for instructions.

4) Students were sent the link to complete for notification of pictures from the dome. They should complete it so you are notified when pictures are available for purchase. They will not be completing the forms at the dome this year.

5) A Reminder, NO PARENTS are allowed in student rooms for any reason without a staff member prior approval and attendance at the occurance.

In the event of last minute medical situations, please bring a medication form with you to the doctor. They can be found on the
Band Program Downloads page. Medication can only be given with a completed medication form that is signed by a doctor. Any student found with medication will be breaking school policy and subject to adminstrative action.

We all want a great dome week with nothing but the focus on a great set of performances on Saturday and Sunday. Please be on time and prepared for rehearsals. Focused and rested. Most of all, give it all you have this week so on Friday night we can all smile at the end of the night!

Mr. Marks and Mr. Sheridan

Some People have asked to learn more about the staff. You can do that on the NEW STAFF BIO PAGE!


Upcoming Events

*Reminder that pracitce starts at 7:00. That means moving equipment and warm up occur prior to that time!

October 25 - Practice 7-9 pm
October 26 - Practice 7-9 pm
October 27 - Practice 7-9 pm (Load Trailer 10/27 @ 8:50 pm) (Nurse for Meds 6:30 to 7:00)
Dome Weekend (See Packet)

Future Dates

Link to Marching Band Calendar
This is stuff beyond normal Tues / Thurs / Sat Practices

November 4 or 5 - Possible Playoff Football Game (Round 2)
November 8 - MB end of Season Celebration @ 8:00 pm
November 18-19 - Possible Playoff Football Game (Round 4)

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Band Program Download Page

Band Staff Listing

David Marks - Director of Bands
Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Marching Band Co-Director, Jazz Band Co-Director
Chaz Sheridan - Marching Band Co-Director
Jeff Peters - Assistant Marching Band Director, Jazz Band Co-Director
Steve Bartosik - Percussion Ensemble
Brian Prokop - Marching Percussion Coordinator

Other Staff Members and Consultants - Jessica Abraham, Kim Ackerson, Gordon Fisher, James Garde, Taylor Goodson, Shannon Linde, Shane Peterson, Crissy Shannon, Chaz Sheridan, Spencer Pigg

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